Community Service

It is very important to me to do my part to make the world a little better. To share my abilities and knowledge with those who do not have the resources I have. I really do believe in the adagium that you receive more than you get when you help others selflessly. 

Kindergarden work

I helped for 3 weeks in the Kindergarden "Kinnerhuus Richard Baumann"

Work in decluttering


Work as a caregiver

To do this work, I followed a 4-week course for informal caregivers. 

Helping an elderly lady by walking her dog








Cleaning the park


Making the website for a non-for-profit organization

This took approximately 40 hours. I was also responsible for formatting the content and adding and updating the website. 

Making the website for a dutch expat population in Germany

I did the layout of the website, this took approximately 6 hours. 




project Guenberg