Extracurricular Activities

English theatre group AATG

Because I like acting and I enjoy English theatre, I have become a member of the English theatre group AATG. AATG is an am an amateur theatre group who perform and support English-language theatre. 

I first discovered AATG because I enjoyed their performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Subsequently I decided to become a member to play and support English theatre in the Netherlands.

2014/2015 World Geography

I took this course as an extracurricular, because history fascinates me. I used these materials:

- history of the world to 1500 BC from Richard Bulliet from Columbia University

- world civilization 1500 to present from Thomas O'Brien from the University of Houston

2014/2015 Course for caregivers

In this 4-week course I learned practical things about taking care of your elderly relatives, who need health care at home. 


In my spare time, I like to do gymnastics. 




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