No man is an island

These are the people who have helped me learn. I couldn't have done it without them! 


Family and friends  


My maternal grandmother 

She is a midwife and has helped me with reproductional biology and with many other subjects. Not only by showing me new information, but alsy by reminding me to learn. Thank you grandma! 



My maternal grandfather

My grandfather is an architect. He has helped me with math and by driving me to my lessons. He has also taught me a lot about contemporary and historic architecture. He is an expert for the restauration of windmills and he has taken me with him on his trips to these fascinating objects.  

My mother

My mother is a medical doctor who works as a scientist at the university. She has helped me by guiding me in building up my portfolio and planning my lessons. She took me with her to many congresses throughout Europe and while she was at the congress, I visited cultural highlights of those cities! 



My aunt Li 

She has taken the time to go with me on our various learning trips and excursions. We traveled the world. Thank you for doing that aunt Li!  



My grand-aunt Rie 

Aunt Rie has actually been a school teacher for more than 40 years. Her mother was a teacher of sewing and textile arts and taught her, so that aunt Rie has helped me realize my fashion design concepts when I needed her advice. Thank you aunt Rie! 

My father

is an engineer and could help me with math which could be quite boring at times!  





My paternal grandmother

She is a biology teacher and has helped me with biology at times. 





My paternal grandfather

My paternal grandfather is a sport scientist and a geography teacher. 





My brother

He has a tremendous knowledge about fossils and helped me identify some of the fossils I found. 







My sister

She is learning for her Abitur next year and we have studied some subjects together. 






My grand-aunt Heidi

She is a German teacher and also teaches mathemathics.


My grand-aunt Anne

She holds a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture and is a custodian of and expert on the Fürst Puckler Caslte gardens in Branitz



Teachers and schools 

Mr Kohl from helped me with English.


I attended the Ecolea Internationale Schule Rostock, Germany, 



the Driestar College in the Netherlands, 




and Clonlara School, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 






I also attended courses in fashion design at the Nederlandse Beautyschool.





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