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This year I focussed my art work on fashion design and attended an intensive course in fashion design at the Nederlandse Beautyschool, where I was taught by professional fashion designers. I learned about the influence of history and political occurences on fashion; when society changes, so does fashion. When the economy changes, this also influences fashion. I was astounded how much you can say about society by looking at what is "en vogue".  

We created 2D collages around a variety of themes and started designing clothing by translating our 2D designs into 3D clothing. We learned how to make patterns for our designs. We also learned everything about fabric, how to cut, sew and manufacture our fashion and how to accentuate our designs with special effects. We experimented with different techniques to accentuate the fabrics, to change the hue with dye and different other means to make the design stand out.

We learned how to translate feelings and how to make statements into fashion. Among other things, I designed a dress that was inspired by the grid-based work of the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan

At the end of our educational experience, we organized foto shootings and a fashion show with real models.

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