Honors Studio Art 2D

This year I have worked extensively on my 2D designs. Drawings, paintings, and digital art are among my work. I hope you enjoy it.


2D Studio art  









Drawing and sketching



  • IMG_6992
  • IMG_6997
  • IMG_6999
  • IMG_6991
  • IMG_6990
  • IMG_6995
  • IMG_6986
  • IMG_6987
  • IMG_6985
  • IMG_6868
  • fallen snow angel
  • head in the clouds
  • IMG_80701
  • IMG_71681

 Bird and boy moving in opposite directions... 


Digital art and Webdesign

The websites I have designed:

Portfolio website 

www.leben-ist-lernen.de (this website)












Maternity website 


A non-for-profit organization which organizes the education of maternity nurses, who take care of the new mother and the household after the baby is born. I designed the logo and the entire website. 



















































Expatriate community 

The website for a Dutch expatriate community in Germany.  
















project Guenberg