Studio Art Drawing

My goals for this year were: 

- to develop my drawing and painting skills
- to practise working with various materials
- to be able to add expression to my art by working with colour and contrast
- to draw and paint in different styles
- to draw landscapes, humans
- to be able to determine the atmosphere of the work of art by varying the colours and shades

Colour concepts of the major artists of Modernism 

I studied and analyzed the painting techniques and colour concepts of the era of Modernism. Van Gogh, Cézanne, Gaugin and Matisse are names that have influenced art in this era. Van Gogh has predicted: "The painter of the future will be such a colourist as has never been."  To deepen my understanding of the painting techniques I have copied some interesting works of art from this era:

The Scream (of nature) by Edvard Munch

The Langlois Bridge at Arles by Vincent van Gogh (exists in many versions) 

The manor house at Jas de Bouffan by Paul Cézanne

The siesta by Paul Gaugin 

Contrary to what I had always thought, the man in the painting "The Scream" is not screaming, but rather it is nature that screams and the man is holding his ears... 


  • IMG_6512
  • Edvard Munch - The Scream
  • IMG_6511
  • Väter der Moderne
  • IMG_6507
  • IMG_6513
  • IMG_6509

Modern Art exposition in the Herrenhaus Gardens 

  • 20140627_143345
  • 20140627_143116
  • 20140627_143113
  • 20140627_143139
  • 20140627_143158
  • 20140627_143152
  • 20140627_143143
  • 20140627_143208
  • 20140627_143217
  • 20140627_143355
  • 20140627_143404
  • 20140627_143348
  • 20140627_143410
  • 20140627_143451
  • 20140627_143442


Various drawings

Some of my mural works. 

  • IMG_6014
  • IMG_6012
  • IMG_6017
  • IMG_6015


This is my interpretation of the famous painting "Time transfixed".  





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